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Burning the Midnight Oil

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Part 1...A Weekly Blog

On nights that your soul is trying to find solace and balance, always turn to burning the midnight oil of wisdom.

Wisdom...what does it mean?

The quality in possessing knowledge from experience, and a soundness of mind to apply good judgement.

Weekly Reflection

I find myself more and more reveling in the solitude of home. It is a great place to sit, relax, center, focus and really work on my soul. It is imperative for me to have soul time to wash the inner most parts of my being. The grime of weekly living that has scathed my soul needs washed away. Wounds need tended.

There is much that life has thrown at me the last few years. The hard part about it is not looking back. I need to remember that all of it helped to mold a wisdom so deep that it is woven in the very fabric of who I have become. There is no time for regrets.

Regrets only lead to soul killing; not to soul healing. Tonight I thank my Creator for delivering me. Now seeing on this side of the tunnel that took so long to get through, it seems only a memory of where I was in comparison to where I am now. There was so much ugly, but it was well worth the goodness abundantly flowing daily.

What am I garnishing tonight?

Peace and serenity. It has been a long time coming I think for myself. Have I arrived? Most certainly not. But, I am well on my way to rebuilding so much brokenness. And maybe this, maybe all along I needed broken. In order to be put back together more beautifully than before.

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