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Burning the Midnight Oil

A relationship that is honest and real means more to me than 1,000 romantic moments shattered with one broken promise.

These past few days I have done much thinking. The processing of life and how love, and not just romantic love, but all-encompassing love shapes the world around us limitlessly.

The thought...

Love is something that is an inward and outward force. It is an emotion that gives and receives. It is an emotion when truly employed is not self-taking in anyway.

The process...



That is a dangerous thing for me actually. I can think over a situation, even just one word spoken to me, for hours to perceive it in every possible way it was meant to be delivered.

And why do I do this?


There is no other answer to give.

I love language.

I love to communicate.

I love words.

I love the thought of touching someone across a room.

I love the feeling of filling space with weight.

And how do you do this?

You speak your love for life into spaces, into rooms, and into people's souls. Love is something that is more than a fleeting rush of feeling that keeps you on a high. It is the day in and day out with that person, not just a romantic mate, but a friend as well.

Sometimes love is hard on those relationships. It is silence and it is screaming and it is laughing. But, the real question it unconditional?

No that does not mean you enable horrible behavior.

No that does not mean you allow people to take everything from you. does mean you will walk somewhat of a lonely road. That road will be marked with cuts and bruises sure enough on your soul. That is the beauty in the beast of it. Love is something that truly hurts or heals you.

I am slowly learning that whether my love is excepted or rejected, it projects back to me in a profound way that heals me even if I am standing in a room speaking words of wisdom to myself. It is something that I can wash over myself as my soul speaks continuously to its infinity.

Love...something you do not need to have given to you if it lives within.

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