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Burning the Midnight Oil

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Part 3...A Weekly Blog

Feel the new wine as it saturates the new wine skin darlin'. For a long time I was trying to put new wine into an old wine skin and that just won't do.

To Renew...what does it mean?

It means sometimes total brokenness is necessary in order to start anew and form an entirely new being from the rubble. It means that a total regeneration is needed you cannot rely on patchwork anymore.

Weekly Reflection

For many years in my young adult life I have tried to put newness into an old container. I have tried to make the old container with all its hurts, all its holes, and all its battle scars hold new blessings.

Finally, I have found that only from total death to self and regeneration to a new way of thinking and living can new blessings of abundance flow. It is important to not tarnish new things with old perceptions. It can be hard not to use past experience as arsenic for the new soul filling.

You have to remember yes you learned.

You have to remember yes it was hard.


You have new life to live from the ashes.

You have new experiences to bathe in.

It is important to remember that with newness you have to be totally cleansed and rejuvenated. A soul needs to breath just like the body. It needs clean, untainted beginnings in order to fully understand the blessings that were waiting through all of that heartache.

What am I garnishing tonight?

I have come to realize that there is so much for me to learn when it comes to past, present, and the future. I need to understand that sometimes you live moment by moment, and other times you see what is coming on the horizon long before you reach that moment.

I have learned that in all my new found blessings I need not use the past experiences to judge them. I am starting to tear down walls in order to build new bridges. I am starting to understand what it means to forgive and forget. If I do not; well then, my old soul will cause damage to my new soul. There is new life to live.

My past does not define me. My past tore apart what was no longer needed in order to build what was wanted. And honestly, what was wanted came in such an unexpected no-I-would-never be that way sort of container that there is nothing more to do than build myself a new one to truly except and appreciate it.

Sometimes I get so caught up in doing what is "perfect and right" that I forget that my Maker knows exactly what I need and want. And, it looks nothing like what the world or dare I say "organized church" said it would be.

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