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Compilation Photography

Sometimes you have to shoot different frames at different settings to get the shot that you are looking for by putting them together!

Tips for Simple Compilation

1. Capture many frames

-take multiple photos of a certain cropped frame at setting 1, 2, and 3

(I like to try 3 settings to ensure different emotion, feel, and lighting captures0

-setting 1

(try to illuminate the frame with bright colors or vibrance, slow shutter and wider aperture, and temperature trials with the lighting)

F-stop: 2.8 Shutter: 1/60 - 3 sec

-setting 2

(try to sharpen the frame with fast shutter speed and small aperture settings)

F-stop: 22 Shutter: 1/1200 - 1/2500

-setting 3

(try to change the temperature of the lighting from cool to warm with the first 2 settings; the key is the "K" Setting on a Canon the number will change the cool to warm setting)

2. Photoshop or Lightroom is your DARKROOM

-Digital photography is meant to be edited in the digital "darkroom"

-be sure to use frames from each setting that are on the same size ratio

-work through cropping the ration of the foreground that you want to add to a background from a different setting

Note: I personally, like to work these simple compilations with nighttime photography. I like to shoot night skies in large apertures with large foreground subjects then the opposite, small apertures with large foreground subjects and taking that sharp foreground and lay it into the photo of the blurred bright foreground place holder on the other image. This helps with depth and illusion and dynamic photos.

3. List of Suggested Items


-enough SD cards to capture what you want

-remote/cell phone with app to remote release your shutter

-notepad to write down settings you like

-filters for your lens if you want

-enough battery power

-list of cropped frame ideas for the subject you are capturing

-know your menu and lighting options on your camera (I am a Canon 80D junkie)

Disclaimer: This is personal preference and an artists take on how to easily start on the road to creating your own photo compilations. Totally opinion and artistic view points. The camera, in my opinion, is a tool. Learn to push the tool to its furthest extent for your creativity to thrive.

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