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Find Your Frontier

Why you ask, do I compare my precious Wyoming Frontier with a woman on a mission to start a life long passion obsession?

Indian Paintbrush, Wyoming's state flower, 2016.
Flaming Arrows, 2016.

Because she is beautiful, and not just in looks, but in her inner soul itself.

Because she is treacherous, yet can be merciful.

Because she is something to behold and cherish.

Because she is a Frontier like no other. Because a Frontier gives you a yearning to find more.

Because each of us need to find our Frontier.

Wyoming has a beauty, a mystery about it.

Wyoming you are a wild and untamed place.

My frontier you are something that I chase after; I crave for.

I am calling out to the frontier within to reach out to the frontier around.

I am screaming into an formidable wind.

Frontier....where are you?

Chase after me,

as I chase after you.

The Reason for Frontier Fortitude

Do you ever want to leave a legacy just not start a business? That is what the Frontier is a legacy.

God has led me on a journey that is exciting, thrilling, and all together breath-taking. I live on "The Frontier," in Wyoming. You have to be strong and self-reliant. It has proven hard to lean on God for his wisdom, guidance, love, and discipline when you are called to a hard, dry land where you fight for yourself and your own.

I have a passion for finding the beauty in it all...I am not just trying to capture that perfect moment, but I am trying to tell of a life well lived.

I pray each day for brokenness and for a heart that seeks truth. My heart's cry is that you would see less of me and more of Christ...the true Covenant; through my photography and through my gift of creativity.

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