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Fire of Afflication

When the furnace is hot, I find myself screaming into oblivion because maybe, just maybe, the reason I feel alone is that no one else was ever meant to feel the heat meant for me.

When the World Crashes

There are moments you can make no sense out of. There are moments where you are screaming internally.

There are moments that you just want to exhale and not inhale again.

There are moments that you are numb with no feeling.

There are moments you scream into oblivion at the base of a canyon.

The chasm in your heart is so wide you, yourself cannot find enough faith to jump.

Life you are creating so many questions with no answers. I have no idea where you begin in your reasoning or end in your promises.

All hurts.

All burns. All scars.

They have culminated, and when I turn around on life's long road there is no one there. There is no one watching my back. There are no demons breathing down my neck, but I feel it all. I feel something that keeps dragging and pulling at me. It is all there in its full darkness, but I lift my eyes and see light. In all of my darkness I can feel that small piercing light that brings warmth to my face.

You are there. I feel you, I feel the promises that are coming. I feel my armor bearer and he is just around the corner. I just have to make it up past the treachery to find you my love.

The fire I am feeling now was built to refine me, not you, but I am coming. Just as the sun sets every evening, I am coming!

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