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Flesh & Blood

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I can feel the heart starting to pump again. The long awaited awakening has begun.

Wisdom in the Flesh

That feeling I dreaded so much.

That utter and complete melting that I battled back for so long.


In the matter of days and hours and minutes and seconds.

It is all just gone, and the heart is beating again.

The heart is starting to feel and rejoice that even though it is different than before, it is new and vibrant. It's new found freedom in knowing that all those pieces that it was shattered into are healable. They are lovable. They are accepted just as they are because in a way the broken pieces have been mended into something unfathomably, mystifyingly beautiful.

One simple thought.

Just one.

And there was a hand that reached into the darkness. A hand that was unfamiliar, and yet felt like home all-in-one. It whispered the simple words, "I see you, you matter."

That was all it took. Someone seeing that there is a human living and breathing and just trying to make it to the next day just like themselves.

That is all any of us want when it comes to humanity and its relationship capabilities in a nutshell. We want to know we matter. We want to know that what we say matters We want to feel that we are accepted just as we are. I know for women it is a matter of being beautiful. And I am not talking collagen. I am talking about the root of the human heart beautiful.

You want someone or anyone for that matter to look at you as if you are magic.

You want humanity to start loving and learning about each other the way you love and learn about humanity.

You want that deep down acceptance and love and community and healing from all of the hurts that have cut deep and left scars that live to tell the tale of your past.

But, there is beauty in the scars, I promise you my darlings. The beauty that you seek is seeking you.

Beauty is not always easy to look upon or be around, but true beauty is the depth of the soul that has learned from their scars and finds a way to take the ugly and make it lovely.

Reach inside. Touch your soul that was once broken; it is beating again.

Reach inside. Feel for the first time the rhythm of life that was missing for so long.

Reach into the depths of understanding to know that life is life, but eternity is what lives within breathing in each moment the true destiny of infinity inside your heart.

A heart that was dead for so long, but is alive and vibrant and ready to live again.

The whispers of a bleeding humanity is all it took to rejuvenate oneself.


I see you....

You there in the dark....

Are you listening I am here....

I can see you....

Can you see me....

Please come into the light my darling....

Humanity is calling to all of us to share our scars because only with sharing those scars do we truly understand unconditional love that embodies all of eternity. You cannot truly love unless you can reach within and love your brokenness as a treasure worth seeking.

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