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Free Falling

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

When you cut the rope to things no longer serving a purpose in your life, or they are cutting at you with a vengeance and it is time to take the fall.

Sometimes being a lone wolf is what you need.

Sometimes being the one to end something is a must.

Sometimes you just need to either cut the rope.

You need to free fall.

Fall away from people. Fall away from situations.

Fall away from jobs.

From friends....

From relationships....

From toxic surroundings....

There is a purpose to it all. Your burnt bridges and your cut ropes that lead to your broken bones and soul. You need to understand that the hurt is coming, but for me I know that I would rather be the master of my own hurt.

We all know that the quickest sharpest cut hurts the least. There is a bleeding out of emotions that cut you and you feel in agony, but that lasts only days instead of years. Do not let toxins fester. The problem with enabling or continuing to agree with toxic things only does one corrupts you.

No you do not save those people.

No you do not pull them up they push you down.

Those people and situations that lead to a cliff that continually taunt you about jumping when they know themselves they are too cowardly to actually jump, are the people that serve one purpose alone. That purpose is to grow you and leave them.

They need to show you that the path you thought was right was entirely too wrong. Lessons are learned in hard things in life unfortunately. Lessons are purged into your skin and burned onto your soul as your life's tattoos really.

All those soul scars...

All those real scars...

Those are your legacy that people read daily. Legacies that are painful to bare to the world, but necessary to show who you really are.

You are not makeup.

You are not fashion.

You are not a size.

You are not a type.

You are a soul painfully contained and confined by your flesh and who you allow yourself to be around from time to time.

Beautiful soul do not allow the world's thoughts and actions to define whether or not you decide to part from the world. Cutting that rope or jumping off that cliff they have pushed you to is not the end. There is so much more when you let faith appear as you free fall into endless possibilities away from those things that no longer serve purpose.

I would rather die to flesh every night in the agony of the lonely, than forsake my own soul to the outer wolves instead of serving the wold within.

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