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From the Core Let it Cry Out


True freedom is a living well inside your soul. Bubbling up as an everlasting spring to feed the inner most you to the point of true self-worth, self-peace, self-love, and joy. Your circumstances can have you tethered physically, but you are still free thinking and feeling as long as you honor the infinite spring that has been given to you. It is when the oppression of whoever, or whatever you allow to suppress your true inner infinite soul freedom leaves like the final breath of life. In a moment your soul goes from infinite to finite or so that is how it feels.

We all live in cages.

Some are horribly small and cutting.

Some are large and gilded.

Some you can see.

Some you can only feel.

Some cages are dead.

Some cages are alive.

But, we all have cages.

The Most Intoxicating Journey is the one to Discover Yourself

You will know you are completely done with something when you give it up and feel freedom instead of loss. ~ Emily Maroutian

You must find yourself before you ever head out into life's storm to find someone else. Find out who you are on purpose, and live with reckless abandon in the freedom that you are totally free to be you because not one person on the face of this earth has access to your inner most soul like you do.

Yes you allow people in. People love you.

You love them. You share secrets.

You break each other.

You building each other up.

You take broken pieces and make amazing mosaics of the mess.


You hole up.

Cut life off.

Share nothing, feel nothing. Love is non-existent.

Break yourself from the inside out.

You take your broken pieces and pound them to dust.

Choking out freedom does not make your choice to give freedom up someone's fault. It makes it a sad testament to how you will not reach into yourself and feel the true freedom that was created to reside within you. The soul that was gifted to be your infinity!

I am talking about the freedom that has you sitting alone in the still darkness of the late night, or early morning that no one sees because you can only "feel" what you are thinking. It is a well of water that washes over your inner soul that wraps around you, so intoxicating, filled with passion that you crave. Your reality is totally within a frame of bones radiantly shining through the only two soul windows you have.

Amazing isn't it how your flesh contains such an infinite creation from within that such a finite vessel can hold such an infinite freedom?

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