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Having the Power of School Choice

What are the myths and how do you break them down in a decision-making paradigm for a past parent and a future parent?
School Choice Myths by Neal McCluskey
School Choice Myths

Reading this book was two-fold for me.

One, I have currently in the last year accepted a position to work with an amazing organization that is spearheading a movement to make parental choice financially and feasibly possible no matter your economic background and status.

Two, I have been raised to always question the status quo. This is a tactic that helps to inspire growth and self-evaluation. It creates an environment where you can ask questions and find answers and weigh information in a logical sense to find the foundational truth.

So, when I found this book sitting on a self in the office after moving in, I asked if I could take a copy to read and dig into who we are as a company and why we are. The answer was emphatically yes please read! That being the initial answer to my question, I realized I had found equal ground in a place that values education for the whole not just memorizing facts. Organic thinking in encouraged. That is what I have craved from a professional standpoint for years!

So, myths on school choice and education you ask!? Yes, there are myths, and yes there are answers to those myths.

This book helped me put into perspective the history of public-school education and private school choice. It is enlightening to see how choice aligns more so in the capitalistic viewpoint of our nation and public school aligns more with a common good "social program". Both have valid points, and both have good intention. However, only one garnishes true classical not one-size-fits-all approach to in-depth education.

If you are a parent who struggles as I have with school meetings and moving halfway across the country to find a public school that embodies teaching the whole child because private school is too expensive an option; then, I hear you! I have been there and done so many things advocating for the best fit for my son. I have looked in markets and areas with better school options and better professional options to continue his growth as a whole person.

Sidenote: Homeschool as a single-income household sadly was not an option so that is why my choice above is weighted in how I answered it.

I want a child that gives back to society, not just taking because he is a machine. Investment in life is the legacy I wish to leave him with as an adult. Not test correctly, get a reward, and never ask questions.

Does my son attend a public school right now? Yes.

Do I have friends that home school there children right now? Yes.

Have I entertained private school education for my son as an option? Yes.

There is no "one" right answer to education.

People buy private tutors.

People homeschool.

People choose public schools.

People choose charter schools.

People go to clinics.

People choose from a plethora of high education options to grow themselves and look for later in life educations options for their children.

Life is full of choice no matter what. Why do we think that choice can be alleviated from education as a whole if you are in search of the best option for your child? It can't; plain and simple. Choice is a part of life. You either make the choices or you allow someone to make them for you, but choice was never taken out of the equation in education. It is all in a matter of who is in control of the choice.

The simple truth is that not EVERY educational program works for EVERY child. It is important to have choice for healthy growth, competition and accountability in every factor of our society.

This is a must read for any parent struggling with what the "right answer" should be in understanding the right answer is in choice not in the answer itself!

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