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Healthy & Happy

This is an introduction to my health journey. Friends have asked me to share and so my thoughts will be covered in a periodical blog to share!

Me Today, Sept 2020

My journey to being healthy and happy again has not been easy. Truth be told, it has garnished some of the hardest days for me actually. I started, stopped, started, stopped multiple times on this journey.

So you asked why all of a sudden a dramatic change? It is simple...I finally made the decision to be me again!

That is step one honestly you have to decide enough is enough and you have to make the decision to be the person that wakes up happy with herself each morning.

Introduction: name is Kimberly Zierlein. I am a single mother to a spunky soon to be ten year old and right now, for me anyways, I am at the top of my game! I am healthy again; and not just physically, but spiritually and mentally too. How did I get here?


There were lots of hurts, lonely nights, multiple jobs and quite frankly bad choices that had me at rock bottom. But how did I get here?




I decided it was time to get out of the shell I was hiding in. The one that stopped reading and loving and caring and exploded to almost 300 pounds! Yes I will admit when I started this journey to being me again I was at my heaviest at 300 pounds in October of 2017.

So as you can see already this is not an overnight fix, nor is it a quick fix. This is as fix to last a lifetime.

Me Nov 2017

Me Sept 2020

Note: over the next several weeks I will tell you how I got from that girl on the left trying to be happy to the girl on the right who actually is happy; and actually has to do with the two brand names in the most recent picture!

The Steps 1. Decide how far you are willing to go and commit to change

2. Start with movement no matter how small

(I started with 20 mins a day at the gym or a walk)

3. Find a good supplement

(the one I will back until the day I am old and grey is Dr. Don's Total Greens and Peak Performance carried by Treskin right now)

4. Align your diet to feel good, not just taste good.

5. Only YOU can hold yourself accountable is what I found, but I am here to help you in anyway that I can because IT IS IMPORTANT for a woman to love her own skin

6. Realize that we will NOT all be the same size, but we can all tone, tightened, and slim down to our beautiful selves.

7. Consistency

8. Total wellness in mind, body, and soul

(you need peace in order for your body to respond)

Over the next several weeks I will be rolling out small tips and tricks and share links to supplements and options. All these things have helped me achieve and maintain where I am now. There are a lot of things I have done for my overall well-being and remember...this is not a fits all plan. This is my journey, and you will have to tailor yours as well. However, this is an amazing spring board to get you started!

I will be publishing again soon on the first steps! But to start...

I challenge you to a challenge I am doing right now...walk a mile daily.

Whether it be on a treadmill, a pasture, a bike path, or a park get out and start moving. This will also afford you non-stress time to detox from everything including work or relationships etc!

So...your first step to this journey...move forward! The mile a day is a great reminder do not go backwards. You do not live there anymore!

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