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Healthy & Happy...Gym Time Is Needed

It is essential to give yourself time to move and move well.

This is MY health journey! I am here to stay committed for me, and me alone. Part of my goal is to tailor my life around being healthy not just in body size, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The biggest part to my journey, however; is that of my body's health. In recent years, I was unhealthy and over weight. And yes, it effected every facet of life. So my corner stone and foundation to my wellness journey on my pyramid is physical movement and strength!

The Steps We will Focus on This Coming Month 10/22/2020

Commit to Movement

Movement is vital! I have committed to 5 days a week now at about an hour a day. The key is to commit to you time in the gym, at home, or outside walking etc. You HAVE to make you a priority. I am not so much about weight as I am about shape and size and overall health.

The commitment level and STAYING committed is the only way you will reach success. It has to be a lifestyle to want to move not just a quick fix.

Start with Strength

We have all heard it muscle burns fat! It is SO true and strength training is a must. I started with body weight squats, ab routines, and pushups.


At Anytime Fitness in Cody (my choice of gym) I am pushing myself with 3 - 4 set (20rep /set) on a lower weight then what I can lift at my max strength. This helps me to define and tone. I have a tendency to bulk up if I lift too heavy and not enough repetitions involved to exhaust the muscle groups.

You need to start adding in muscle training.

Start light at first.

Know your limits and your body.

Then push yourself and tailor a session that works for you.

Note: I love to make it all a cardio workout for an hour. I do not usually take breaks that is why I do full body training everyday. If the legs are tired I switch to arms until my legs recover and then return.

Workout Routine (example)

-10 minute / 100 calorie burn on any gym machine

-commit to a full body strength training session (at least that works for me, everyone is different in how their body recovers)

-focus on a group and spend 20 minutes on strength training either arms, abs, or legs

-then add 10 minutes of your off groups (so another 20 minutes of training for each group)

-10 minute mat stretch and ab cool down

-5 minute treadmill walking / 50 calorie cool down

This routine is my new routine to help tone and maintain my weight loss.

Note: Another trick never do everything in the same exact order or in the same exact variation. Keep your body thinking about workouts differently. If you find another position or technique that works a muscle you haven't known you had in years then do it! Keep creativity focused in the center!


Kim Zierlein, 2020.

About Me: name is Kimberly Zierlein. I am a single mother to a spunky soon to be ten year old and right now, for me anyways, I am at the top of my game! I am healthy again; and not just physically, but spiritually and mentally too. How did I get here?


There were lots of hurts, lonely nights, multiple jobs and quite frankly bad choices that had me at rock bottom. But how did I get here?




I decided it was time to get out of the shell I was hiding in. The one that stopped reading and loving and caring and exploded to almost 300 pounds! Yes I will admit when I started this journey to being me again I was at my heaviest at 300 pounds in October of 2017.

So as you can see already this is not an overnight fix, nor is it a quick fix. This is as fix to last a lifetime.

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