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Healthy & Happy...The First Steps

This is an introduction to my health journey. Friends have asked me to share and so my thoughts will be covered in a periodical blog to share!

My journey to being healthy and happy again has not been easy.

So you asked why all of a sudden a dramatic change? It is simple...I finally made the decision to be me again!

That is step one honestly you have to decide enough is enough and you have to make the decision to be the person that wakes up happy with herself each morning.

The Steps We will Focus on Today 9/28/2020

Commit to Change

You have to want to change a lifestyle. You cannot just change overnight and furthermore you cannot think that once you reach your goal your lifestyle can go back to the toxic steps it took to get you away from your goal weight, goal look, or goal health.

This is a commitment to just be different in how you view what you can do for activities versus what you can eat to feel good again.

We will not all look the same, but we can all be healthier with a glow, energy, and just down right comfortable in our own skin without making excuses about why we are the way we are.

Once you commit you will want to stay on this road I promise you!

Start with Movement

Movement is so important even as little as starting with 20 minutes a day to get your body in the routine of craving its exercise break from your office chair or your daily grind.

How did I start?

Well I realized that my little guy and I needed that fresh air since we are inside most the day with work and school. Just a break from sitting to not be sore or tired and also a break from screen time!

I started with the week days. I would take him on a 20-30 minute walk around Beck Lake with me after work and school. We enjoy the outdoors and he loves animals so it was an easy commitment since my little guy ended up being my accountability partner and I his. Sometimes either of us do not want to do it, but one or the other wants to go so it keeps both of us moving, me especially.

Then, once the supplements started to regulate and I saw my first few pounds and inches drop off I decided time to tone. Women we all understand the skin issue so that is where I started next.

Here is an example of a daily routine I stuck to the first 6 months. (FYI I am back at a gym doing 10 min/100 calorie stints for cardio then light weight lifting for full body 5x a week to get to where I want to be personally)

Workout Routine

-20 to 30 minute walk

-50 sumo squats

-2 sets of 20 count scissor leg kicks

-2 sets of 20 crunches

-10 minutes of simple yoga stretches

(warrior 2, triangle, front fold, 10 sec plank transition into cobra, back to child's pose to end)

This routine was my solid routine for about 3 months. I started to add more squats in variations. For me personally, my legs are strong and I can burn the most calories with heartrate by pushing them. I also focus on the abs too since this is another area that needs for for me. Arms I added last.

Note: Another trick never do everything in the same exact order or in the same exact variation. Keep your body thinking about workouts differently. If you find another position or technique that works a muscle you haven't known you had in years then do it! Keep creativity focused in the center!

All you have to do is start moving at least 20 minutes a day preferably before sleep in the afternoon so that your metabolism is spiked for bedtime.

Find a Good Supplement

Hands down I would recommend Treskin to anyone! There are diet limitation and I know that. Some people are GF (gluten free) or intolerant to certain ingredients even if they are natural so I totally understand! This company just happens to carry a line of product that has been my life saver.

Is it cheap no. But, without drinking my mocha every day or two in a work week and sugar detoxing myself to limited amounts of sugar, I have more than been able to fit this in the budget.

The cost of something to me and fitting things in my budget usually are driven by my desire to be healthy again. If it works then it is worth it!

I use 2 products that is it. Treskin if you follow the link above, gives multiple options for combos that might be right for you and my power punches are Total Greens and Peak Performance!

Lets talk nutrition!

Total Greens

Peak Performance


Kim Zierlein, 2020.

About Me: name is Kimberly Zierlein. I am a single mother to a spunky soon to be ten year old and right now, for me anyways, I am at the top of my game! I am healthy again; and not just physically, but spiritually and mentally too. How did I get here?


There were lots of hurts, lonely nights, multiple jobs and quite frankly bad choices that had me at rock bottom. But how did I get here?




I decided it was time to get out of the shell I was hiding in. The one that stopped reading and loving and caring and exploded to almost 300 pounds! Yes I will admit when I started this journey to being me again I was at my heaviest at 300 pounds in October of 2017.

So as you can see already this is not an overnight fix, nor is it a quick fix. This is as fix to last a lifetime.

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