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Into the Woods of Life

Pieces…pieces of life scattered all around you.

Sometimes it is hard to really understand all the pieces that have shattered off your soul through life’s experiences as you are being molded into something amazingly beautiful. Another mosaic of your life can be formed by those pieces making you a legacy in and of yourself, emotionally and spiritually.

Feel it now the shattering.

You take the chance, you make the jump, you walk down the path less traveled.

Feel the very soul within shake, explode, and find that gem inside that needed to come out!

When I have closed the eyes of my soul and stepped off that cliff in faith I can honestly say, I have NEVER been disappointed. I find happiness that I have never thought possible in every cherished, unforgettable, love-soaked moment. I am alive again because I feel.

I would rather take the chance of total shattering, and heartbreak of heart-searing tragedies and triumphs then not feel anything at all. In the non-feeling you are robbing your soul of its true calling to FEEL.

Then, there it is.

The past.



Living in the corners of your heart, soul, and mind and they come to life and you “see” the past coming to devour you. Its breathing hot and heavy down your neck. You run. You want to run so far and so fast, but there is no where to go in the darkness.

And you stand, and you scream into the nothingness that you are somethingness and that you are not taking my everythingness.

You shook the dust from your feet.

You walked away; buttoned up the past with all its messiness. You stitched yourself back together.

Said my scars are my stories.

Beautiful stories of how I live life, I do not run from it!

I am screaming into my infinity with boldness.

Your next crossroads comes into to full view and you ask yourself…

Do you show mercy and grace more now? Do you walk away in peace?

Do you feel surrender and joy?

The mortality of the flesh dancing with the immortality of the soul is something that you cannot create it is God-given, why rob yourself of a true gift?

Why not harness your free-spirit and bridle it and ride it to the end!?

Discipline yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself, even when it is by yourself.

So many questions. So many decisions.

They rush at you in a prism of color that you cannot decipher it all, but you are not meant to decipher it all. You are meant to live it all, feel it all, experience it all, be all of who you are too all of what creation gives you because your tapestry and legacy only shine through infinity when you are living and breathing your soul.

Your soul’s cry to your Creator is your nightly offering. A burning incense that rises in praise to He that made you, and He who sustains you, and He who takes it all away. He is the giver and taker. Alpha…


You must be thankful for the presences of the gift.

It is not your decision to create your own destiny rather you just live it, and your refusal to live it only tarnishes and shatters your legacy not His.

The I Am that I Am breathes life, and you simply just walk on, move on.

Move on in full, open-armed surrender for whatever cliff comes next that you must decide, do I jump and shatter the soul to find the gem, or do I sit huddled robbing my soul of it’s true identity?

With all this spilling out of my soul for you….

I came to a crossroads… I took the road less traveled…

I took the one the world hates…

I took the one my Creator loves…

Does this mean I don’t stumble? No.

Does this mean I don’t hesitate? No. Does this mean I am perfect? Definitely not.

All it means is that I step in faith and follow the faint whisper “into the woods.” The soul-song is calling me. I refuse to allow the world to dictate what they say I should hear, and what I should see.

I want to see it for myself!

I want to bathe in this life’s mercies, tragedies, heartaches, triumphs, peaceful garden moments….I want to feel it all because in that I feel humanity, and my true soul calling, to witness all of it…witness a life that is LIVED. My soul exhales all the colors as I follow its prompting into those woods of life.

I want to live and extend mercy. I want to sit in the dirt with others and raise them up. I want to run with others fast after an infinity of amazement.

I want to FEEL it all at once, and once and for all.

I want to see glorious places and dirty, hard places.

I want to see unloved faces and forgotten faces.

I want to touch to lowest and the highest of humanity, whether physically or figuratively, because in those moments is when true infinity comes into reality. Your heart breaks open and pours out over life. You taste and see a glimpse of the Creator’s heart poured out over it all.

Come with me into the woods…

Into the woods…

It whispers….



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