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Leaving a Legacy

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Thoughts for Tuesday


Balance & Serenity

Serenity, it is always the cure...

Holiday evenings are for home projects. Those quiet, still evenings for making a house a home. Lamps and heat on. Possibly music or a favorite movie on the TV. It is time to really appreciate the hearth which you were blessed with and make it a home for all those that live inside. Welcome all who arrive with the same serenity and hospitality.

Warm blankets on soft couches.

Oven on, cookies and sweet breads baking.

Coffee brewing.


Mmmmm....laughter again.

I never knew how much the silence had iced me until warmth started to come back to a place I can truly call home. And no the house is not the home. It is those that come, and those that live and breath life into it that make it a home.

The earth is starting to hibernate and it is time to turn to home. For all those wandering feet to feel blessed and loved and cared for inside a place that loves deeply and truly.

These nights, long, quiet, cold nights are for memories and thoughts and being still and just knowing....

Knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself just like today is laying itself to rest in the past.

Just stop and breath in and out.

Your blessings are next to you, above you, below you, and around you. Your blessings are not material items that you fill a space with; rather your blessings are the ones you share space with in those quiet moments.

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