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Leaving a Legacy

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Thoughts for Tuesday


Live in Color

Sincerity, always be an original in a sea of cookie cutter...

What does that mean? We are all original right?

To an extent we are all original. We are each unique in our genetic makeup. However, life happens, and we try to hide what we are to who we are around everyday. We try to slip into skin that is not ours in order to be "accepted".

We sincerely hate that we hide, but we cannot help it until...

Until we finally have had enough, and we just "be" who we were meant to be.

Be an artist.

Be the law.

Be the voice.

Be the beauty.

Be the beast.

I am crying out to you to really find who you are and be that. In all my sincerity in seeking for truth, I am screaming out to the darkness that I will shine who I am.

The cookie cutter life was created by those who were themselves, but not happy with it because they needed justification in the fact of who "they think they are."

What have I learned?

It has taken me a long time to really except my life, well, is my life.

My life will not look like others or how "they want it" to look. I have never been one to really cater to peer pressure. I do not say this lightly, because sometimes you can rebel against the "norm" just to stand out. You have to temper it all with pure humility; not showcased humility.


You need to be you and be bold, but do not be ruthless to those who lack the sight to see what you see...yet!

Is it wrong to be different? No!

Is it wrong to be belligerent about it?


You need to be comfortable in your own skin. You do not need to force the world to be comfortable with it. You need to honor the fact that you can be you without an audience.

Our society has created a perfect storm with social media and pop culture to gain acceptance only through the "like" button. Yes I know, I post...A LOT! I post readings, quotes, projects, photography projects; and yes, the dreaded selfies by the hundreds of thousands.

However, let me enlighten you. I don't need your approval. I am leaving a legacy. Me being, well, ME is that I do not want to hide anymore! I do not want to be imprisoned by that wall flower life. I want to dance.

If I dance alone...ok.

If I paint in colors while others paint in black and white...fine.

I want to LIVE. I want to share that I LIVE.


Because just maybe...

Because just maybe there is a quiet, scared soul that is wanting the courage to be themselves.

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