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Little Light Holes into Eternity

Light is easy to miss in a little ones' eyes. Light is something that is hard to find in an ever changing world. Light can be nurtured. Light can be hard to understand. Light can be snuffed out. Light is colorful. Light is hot. Light is brilliant. Light is...

Zoo Mt playground tunnels, 2014.
Zoo MT Tunnels, 2014.

My little guy is now a little man.

He is someone who is growing into the person that he was destined to be day by day in spite of me.

His todays are fast becoming his tomorrows.

I close my eyes and open them and he is 2 years old looking at me giggling.

I close them and open them again and he is 7 going on 8 starting 2nd grade this year!

Sometimes I just stop and wonder how he perceives life in its totality. Does he even really know he is in a mortal body that will pass away ever so quickly, far too quickly in my opinion!? I really am feeling my mortality and immortality all in one these days. I know where I am going, but do I really want to "feel life" to get there?

When those big eyes stare up at me I see...

my shortcomings,

my failures,

my accomplishments,

my love,

my anger,

my spite,

my heart is fully ripped open in those eyes.

My Creator created a little part of me to give me perspective on where I was and where I am now and to bring about the meaning of my yesterday is my today is my tomorrow. Through those shining eyes I can see it all and for a moment it is like I am looking in the mirror of time. Looking at myself thinking wow how humanity scythes, how humanity enlightens, how humanity just is a cycle of total repetitive things all jammed together on a marry-go-round of time.

My little man's life is so, in his todays.

I have with my sinful heart, made my life so complicated in my tomorrows.

There are things I want to be.

There are things I want to do.

There are things I want to see.

There are things I want to feel.

I want to be, I want to accomplish, to lead, to strive, thrive, be something, anyone really; I ate the apple and I want and want and want until my heart is black and cold with greed and jealousy against my very being. As I look into those caverns of light and wonder looking up at me I see it all.

My entire filthy ragged humanity staring back at me with a soul of untouched, un-scythed wondered.

In a world of hardness and cold eyes staring and boring into you, all I need is a little hand poking me bringing me back to my today which is my tomorrow because my eternal tomorrows live in him and those small bright eyes pierce me to the core and are crying out....

Can't you see what you mean to me?

Just as you are?

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

And the breath of infinity washes over me and whispers...

Can't you see what you mean to me as you fall at My feet?

The Deep Cries Out

Deep cries out to deep from the yesterday in my past mistakes, to the today with me sitting on the floor in wonder at two bright eyes, to the future in those caverns of wonder awaiting his destiny.

If only our eyes would stay so alive, wouldn't that mean our soul was that much more alive?

Eyes are the window to the soul right?

Eyes of light.

Eyes of darkness.

Eyes of wonder.

Eyes of judgement.

Eyes of laughter.

Eyes of tears.

Eyes say it all with no words needed....ever.

Those little soul holes looking up at me now I see as something to behold because You, Creator, are all around me even in the eyes of a child. You are teaching me right under my nose and I am so busy climbing and looking up that I cannot see that my future is teaching me in my todays.

Ignite me with a holy flame that burns like those spheres of total purity.

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