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Looking at Darkness

That moment... That nothingness...

Rizzo's Restaurant & Wedding Venue, Crabtree, PA, 2018.
Lamp Post, 2018.



I must be seeing things. No, wait it is there.

Even if only a flicker; I see it.

I see you, you dark-ness.

That presence of total dead-ness.

You feel cold, dark, nothing; nothing but dead flesh and bone with nothingness but void.

Surrounded, but Not Vanquished

Feel the looming. The sure end.

I feel the absolute suffocation of it.


Yet, I am smiling.

Smiling not at the dark-ness itself for what it is, but at the total unexplained peace that I feel not overtaken by it.

The dark has no hold, no place, no power, no reason to have anything to do with me.

You look back again.

Yes dark, so dark and deep that the well is overflowing with hatred.

Love and hatred run close at times.

Too close really.

Because only One can love wholly; one hated Him for that wholeness.

Love will always withstand darkness.

Battle battered and worn, but it will not break completely to darkness.

Dark-ness might close in, but it will not vanquish Light.

It CANNOT vanquish anything for there is no power in nothingness only power in Somethingness.

My point...

In my life I have had very few occurrences with darkness. But those occurrences have been so powerful that they are seared into my memory. There has been nothing else like it in my life. I was staring back at total dark-ness and felt the most overwhelming peace. There was no need to run from it, hide from it, fear it because it was not me looking at the Dark it was the Light in me looking at the Dark.

I was just the vessel standing in the shadow of the Light.

The Light surrounded me to where I was not even really there.

Dark-ness engulfed the room but the Dark can have 90% of something and still it will never have the 10% of the Light because only Light pushes back Dark.

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