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New Wine Skins

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When the cutting reality of life spills you all over the place and your hurt becomes someone's blessing.

Cody, WY leaves in fall
Red Veins

There are times in life when your skin is ripped wide open by stabbing reality and your soul blood pours out over you and other lives that you touch. At these times in life there is a ragged breath drawn in. Reality is a blinding force that has shattered the old to allow the new to come.

Old wine skins crack, shattered, and fall apart spilling new wine. New wine skins are needed in order that as you make new wine it is preserved.

The same old vessel that has not been modified, rotting with the filth of life is not a fitting vessel for precious wine that is meant to be a blessing. We see that sometimes when you pour new wine into an old vessel it will cause the vessel to shatter and spill wine out on our lives. This is our reminder it is time for a new vessel, however, I finally realized after many months of grouping through the cold dark corners of my life how that spilled wine I thought lost, actually ran out over my life as an offering and was truly a blessing to others on a life-shattering path such as my own.


And no one pours new wine into old wine skins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wine skins will be ruined. - Luke 5:37

In all of my hardheadedness where there are times that I REFUSE to create a new wine skin, I am spilled out and my evening offering is the form of spiritual blood pouring out on the alter of life as I life up my evening rags.

I need to get new perspective. I need to gt a new attitude. I need to create a new vessel.

The shattering and pouring out of my evening offering and "wasting" new wine is truly just a wake up call for me to understand that you are always sacrificing then rebuilding until the old is gone and the new has come.

In life I have trampled over not just others, but myself until I am bleeding out. When you are called to a battle field in life, and yes we all have one, it is hard to readjust to those nights in the quiet alter room of our burnt offerings we give up to a Christ that bled out for us, pouring all of Himself on the ground so that as his old wine skin broke pouring out new wine, a new covenant created so that we in His path could be blessed by His sacrifice.

I need my Jehovah Rophi, God who heals, to shatter and run over me and wash me in blood blessings. Help this battle-hardened warrior to remember that the wine skin needs tending.

Yes, my armor of God was on, but it needs fixed where it has been weakened. Yes, my armor of God was on, but it needs washed with new wine.

Those places in the heat of the battle where the armor loosened and the warrior never stopped to adjust before charging head long into the fray; there are wounds, cuts. They run deep and they fester until new wine bursts forth demanding our attention, and the realization that you are pouring out, bleeding out hits home in the bottom of your cob-webbed soul. Sometimes the smallest cut can have the most lethal of consequences when unattended.

New wine to come?

As I am shattered and poured out even now the new skin is being created. New possibilities. New blessings from the ash of sacrifice. New life blood. Pour in me a clean heart and soul.

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