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Old Roots, New Shoots

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I'll tell you what is's when new life comes from old things!

Old Gives Way to New

There are so many things to learn from casting off the old to grow the new. I am awestruck by how the circle of life from beginning to end to the beginning again is reflected all around us.

One tiny seed...

One dying plant...

One windy day...

All three in combination would never be seen as that of a total rejuvenation harboring new life. However, they are an amazing complex trinity in how the circle needs death in order to have life. It is truth at how a circle is necessary.

The miracle of of new life is only possible with the promise of things passing away. You have to create the soil of past mistakes and sins and blessings from the old, dying to self nights burning the midnight oil. The soil must be tended with your inner most soul fears in order to pour out on the alter all those woes that need to be touched by the Refiner's fire.

Only then...

Only then can you die...

Only then can you die in order to...

Only then can you die in order to live.

Read that again to your dry, thirsty soul. You have to kill that which makes you weak in order to plant in the ash to grow that which makes you strong.

There is so much of me that is shattered and just thrown away by life, the world, all those around me that said they needed me.

I am forever cutting myself trying to pick up the pieces.

But, very recently as I sit and burn the midnight oil of wisdom have I started to think about this paradox. Why am I cutting myself on pieces that needed to be taken from me?

Why do I continue to try and return to the old and make it live? Why do I not allow things to become dust I shake from my feet?

I am sure life would be a lot easier for me if I did. It is time to really understand the breaking in order to love the living.

So soul are you letting the reckoning of breaking become the soil for you to regenerate and live fully?

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