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Patience In Your Forever

Is it really as simple as patience?

rock art in Greybull WY
Rock Art Greybull South Location, 2018.

Can my heart really become to fast running after my tomorrows that it is not fully living in my todays?

I keep trying to fix things.

Make things fall into place perfectly.

Work out life to my perfect cookie cutter plan.

And you know what happens....every time it smashes to the ground like a wine glass dropping and shattering to a thousand pieces and back into its dust of beginning existence.

It is so hard to just stop sometimes from forcing life and be patient. Patient to let life happen as it was created to happen, and allow those todays fade to those tomorrows and become a legacy of dust passing onto dust. I have always been driven to fix and push and conquer first. I, so many times, an humbly reminded of that day by day as I start out with a right attitude and my entire today fades into my infinity of tomorrow with a crash, shattering bang.

However, one thing about infinity for my immortal soul is that my soul has learned that it has all the time in forever to learn....patience. So patiently my infinity teaches me my core desire so subtly.

My heart anxiously charges ahead, but my soul slowly puts up walls, and closes doors, and opens new ones to teach me patience by faith. Being that person the has to have control, it is very challenging to release the control, and jump into the sea of infinity's patience.

Question your Infinity

Can you hear me my immortality? Can you hear my screaming heart? Can you hear my whispering soul?
Feel that body? Feel that pounding? Feel my very chaffing heart pounding to get out?

And all of my forever screams back to silence me....patience.

The work is not complete.

You are here for a purpose in this now and in this tomorrow to just be....

The silence in my our infinity is so deafening that it is resounding all around that I need to be still, be quiet, just be in order to become.

This time of renewal and listening is needed in these screaming moments because I create a storm then stand in it and ask why it happens!? I have never shied away from storms, but I never come away unscathed I can promise my infinity that.

The beating and battering leaves my life story marked all over my soul.

Why not challenge?

Why not cry out to the storm?

Why not stand on the rock and face it?

It has always been so simple...patience. I need to stop running so fast that I cannot see where I am going any more. My heart needs to follow in suit with my soul.

Legacy is more important than battle worn.

Legacy is more important than soul scars.

Legacy is more important than being right.

Legacy is more important than living only for the now.

A legacy of patience is what I want to leave.

When you have an infinity, why rush to try and find the end of the endless?

Rock art south of Greybull WY, 2018.
Rock Art Greybull South, 2018.
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