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Photo Minute...Macros

Photo Minute...You need to notice it all; not just the big things, but the small things too. Let creativity loose with different angles and cropping techniques.

The Goal: To help you think creativity with your camera and realize you never are capturing a bad photo; you are exploring technique with your available palette.

Photo of the Week

Shot with a Canon 70D (free hold with wrist strap) Aperture f/5.6 - ISO AUTO - Shutter 1/800 - Focal Length 85/1

Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC with Actions & Levels

Cinch It Up

This photo was captured in a series of over 1100 shots at Park County night years ago at the Cody Nite Rodeo in Cody, WY. It was an early summer night and the sun was starting to set on the west end of town where the rodeo arena is in Cody.

For a few years I was a contracted photographer working for the rodeo office and the stock contractor at the time taking shots throughout the nightly performance when I was on the grounds. This was a great season in my photography career to really use the tools I had at the time and push myself.

Now that I have learned new editing techniques, I am digging back into the archives to create more in-depth, emotionally charged photos!

Equipment List: Canon 70D, (1) 32GB SD card, 75-200mm lens, lens hood, UV filter...that's it!

The emotion/editing technique, and crop creativity is what makes this Photo Minute worthy.

  1. Close up to the action

  2. spot color enhancement for the focal point

  3. a different way to look at rodeo other than just the classic action shot

  4. every object, not just a person, is a subject

I prefer to use Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop, but Adobe Lightroom is another great application for quick touch ups and such to your photos! I have not included the editing process here, but will dive deeper in other posts about start to finish with before and after pics.

Questions? Comments? Share your favorite macro you have photographed with the Frontier!

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