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Photo Minute...Senior Portraits

Photo Minute...This week we are going to cover how you make a senior portrait shoot tailor-made to exude personality, individuality, and beauty in every photograph. We will focus on one photo and its depth perception. Telling a story is hard; telling it through a camera lens to make it unique is art!

The Goal: To give you ideas that you do not need a picture-perfect studio to capture a portrait with depth and light. You need creativity and ingenuity. And NO you do not need studio lights!

Photo of the Week

Shot with a Canon 80D (free hold with wrist strap) Aperture f/5.6 - ISO 250 - Shutter 1/500 - Focal Length 24/1

Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC with Actions & Levels

Fall Retro Lens

This photo was captured in a series of about 500 shots, translating into 130 proofs or so for this young lady. To take note is that this photoshoot took about an hour and a half on location at Beck Lake Lion's Picnic area and walking trails! The time of day was mid to late afternoon to get placement and light dynamics that were requested for a fall theme!

Note: Use all your outdoor locations as backdrop versatilely. Just because you think it is not beautiful, doesn't mean that it is not. You can add unique textures and depths in unique locations.

Equipment List: Canon 80D, (2) 32GB SD card, 24mm fixed lens...that's it!

Remember to play with your settings. Be dynamic with your foreground, your background, and your subject. Your subject is the focal point, but create a canvas that is different. Your subject does not always have to be FRONT and CENTER to be the focal point.

The depth is what makes this Photo Minute worthy.

  1. the foreground is bright and gives light

  2. the subject, aka the model, is central and focal to the composition

  3. background is less lit; adds depth and grounding to the subject

  4. remember to move as the photographer as well, not just move the subject

  5. in the digital "dark room" play with the colors, shadows, and highlights to create the emotion and depth

I prefer to use Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop, but Adobe Lightroom is another great application for quick touch ups and such to your photos! I have not included the editing process here, but will dive deeper in other posts about start to finish with before and after pics.

Questions? Comments? Or share your favorite model subject to photograph with the Frontier!

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