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Sand & Iron

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Sometimes life changes just like foot prints in wave-washed sand; but your heart can still be as strong as iron.

Life is ever changing, ever unraveling, ever recreating itself on top of what was, into what is, and into what will be.

Watching my little boy grow into the man he will become one day is an amazing journey that has truly caused my heart to break, than soar, than fall; over and over again daily I repeat this pattern.

Did my life have the same affect on another? My mother?

My father?

My family?

As I follow my little man's step I see that as life changes, circumstance changes, and his decisions change, so do the footprints. They wash away each evening and his new path daily is chosen through the choices he makes and those made for him.

However, I do find that his heart of iron is steady on a true course of truth. This is the legacy I hope he continues to follow and leave. A heart strong for loving selflessly, giving endlessly, and forgiving universally in a world bent on loving, taking, and grudgingly holding onto offenses for gains only to one's self interest.

Living and experiencing life is not only all that you can see, but all that you can leave for others to follow once your blink-of-an-eye life is over here in your mortality, and you pass over to your immortality.

Heart of Iron

The best part about sand is that you can erase and start over on your life's journey, all depending on which path you take without erasing the lessons seared into your heart of iron.

I want all of his seem to be nothings in each day, to culminate into his entire somethingness he leaves behind. My prayer and hope is that I have left a strong legacy that has been passed down to me by a line of strong-willed, hard-working, selfless people for his heart to follow.

Legacies are hard.

Legacies birth sacrifice.

Legacies give you a destiny.

Legacies are truth.

Legacies are YOUR truth.

Truth of what you are, who you are, and what you will become.

To deny your heart of iron its legacy is soul suicide.

Temper your heart with your will my son and you will find that you will follow a legacy that has endless possibilities to live a life that leaves a legacy.

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