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Simple Life

Fall evenings are for home projects. Fall evening are for old frontiers to go to sleep, while others come to life.

Sunset over the Shoshone River access area Cody, WY
Wyoming Sunset, 2018.

It is hard for me to sit inside on cool, autumn evenings that promise so much.

The earth is starting to hibernate and it is time to be busy worker bees in the north country to prepare for that long, hard, cold winter time.

These nights that are around the corner are for family, for harvest, for celebration, for reflection.

Silhouettes dance as the evenings come sooner and the light disappears so rapidly.

Skies melt in an amazing light tapestry that the Creator paints with.

There is a glow that just gives that fearful feeling that you are a small bit in time, but so infinite in it since the Creator of is all dwells in such a small place and a vast place all in one at the same time.


Breathe in. Life is now. Just stop. Bless me. Keep me.

My todays are my tomorrows all in one breath and I feel it all.

The weight of time all in one.

Sunset moments are rare in that they give you a glimpse of a tapestry that will never be again.

It is all in the now but soon to fade to the yesterday and it prepares for the tomorrow.

All that matters is light. You cannot create without it.

Nothing really exists unless there is light to shape it, form it, see it, enjoy it.

With no light the darkness suffocates.

The art of light is an amazing feat that we cannot create.

Creation of it is not within us because the Creator is light and he is what puts light in us.

I am always in awe of things that I cannot create because they truly are not understandable, yet totally understandable all in one to me.

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