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Soul Is Important

It is a year to refocus and rise up within for me...
Come Away With Me
My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you; keep my commandments and live...Proverbs 7:1

Life without the fulfilment of soul is a very lonely and desolate one. There are important things in life, then there are crucial things in life. Feeding one’s soul is a crucial part of existence. I have been very lacking in my soul health of late.

I took a sabbatical from writing, from photography, from scripture, from reading…from all things internal really that feed the soul.

I was just tired.

I was just done.

I was just empty.

This year’s purpose more so than a goal is to feed my soul. It needs replenished. I have finally built the new wine skin with painstaking moments and life events. It is time to allow the wine of new possibilities to fill the new wine skin. My fear of what might happen has to stop holding me back from what will happen no matter what my choice is trying to protect myself.

I have never felt that God has punished me or caused issues, but I will be honest I was angry. I was fed up with the possibility of limitless forgiveness. I was over the giving second chances hundreds of times.

I needed to learn and balance boundaries versus people that really want me in their inner circle. Most of my life I had to realize was buying friends, pleasing friends, doing for others to never have anything done for me in return.

It is not that I do things for the accolade or the return on investment, but when there is so much taking and never any feeding you will dry up. I hit my limit and shutdown. I started cutting away at those that had cut me the deepest at the most unlikely times.

Now that the wine skin was completely tattered, broken and empty; it allowed for this moment today.

Today is the day of rejuvenation and replenishment.

Today is the day that the soul is so dry it will except new water.

Today is that day…

Have you been there?

Join me this year in #soulfood2022!

Feed yourself for the shear fulfilment of your soul needing new wine.

It is not selfish to come away with Christ in order to grow in him.

Want to your story and partner with The Frontier to feed others?

Fill out the form at the following link and let's feed our souls together.

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