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Sun Petals

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Most of the world sees a flower's beauty only when it is in full bloom, but what if those fallen rays of sun at the end of summer were just as beautiful in its journey to being fully loved?

Sun petals
Sun Petals

All those days and moments...

Every single petal signifies a moment in life...

And as the days of life, summer, a season in humanity pass a petal falls...

Those fallen pieces, those forgotten pieces of a heart.

All those moments that fall to the ground and are trampled on by so many.

Heart pieces...

Trampled by...mean girls, mean men, heartless humanity, those that would rather not feel their pain so they inflict it.


All those rays of sunshine are a sweet aroma to those in the dust. All those fallen petals are raining down on someone's darkness bringing hope...possibly.

The beauty of the blossom is only as strong as the fertile ground in which all the work is done in the dark. We all have darkness that haunts us, forges us, and carves us out of our cold stone form.

I want to not just be a flower.

I want to be one that rains down its beauty into the ugly in order that others rise in their own beauty.

Do people understand this usually? No.

Do people try to tell me how I should not be in someone else's darkness? Yes.

Does it stop me from crawling into someone's darkness in order to show them light? No.

More people need to love deeply to the point where you break yourself into pieces to gift it to others in order to show sacrificial love to the world. Humanity would be a more formidable force if more people lived sacrificially in all things.

A lesson from my broken heart to sacrificially in it all because the gift you will receive will always be greater than the one you give in those passing moments to a wounded soul.

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