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Sunday Solace

Sleepless nights for me are filled with turmoil and soul searching.

Moments in life where your entire being is screaming from the inside out.

Yet, your body sits in silence and you experience the full furry of the storm, but no one else knows there is a storm.

Moments where you cannot tame your head or your heart and they are both at war.

Screaming at each other.

Tearing at each other.

Hoping that no one can see the dissension in the ranks for fear of total annihilation.

You start walking...physically. You just have to walk.

To march. To soldier. You have to find perspective or just sleep.

Soul please fight a battle that will tame my head with my heart footsteps. Cold nights. Silence. Peace. Stillness.

Light and dark are fighting and the war rages until you are home. I know my soul is weary.

It is never broken, just battered a bit.

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