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The Sun is there I Promise You

There are times in your life where you feel there is just...darkness. But I promise you soul, the sun is there steadily shining, and waiting for you to reach out and pull back the curtain.

"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine."

There are those moments.

There are those days.

There are those long nights.

There are those harsh words.

There are those sticks and stones darlin'.

They do hurt, but your long as your soul is protected and strong and resilient and has the fortitude to endure...the sun is coming soon!

I promise you!

I know!

I have seen dark and I have seen light!

I have felt ice and I have felt fire!

I have heard demons and I have heard angels!

I have heard chains rattle and I have heard chariots!

Sometimes I am running so fast that I miss the curtain opening. I run back and forth in the dark screaming to the wind to stop howling. And...then I realize I am the wind; and I am creating my own storm. I stand in it and am angered, then I realize hello darlin' you are the storm. Be still. Be calm.


Listen darlin' I know where you are.

I see you in the dark running around trying to make sense of everything you allow into your soul. Do not give up. Do not stop. You need to just be still.

When the soul's light begins to play with the edges of the dark you will see rebirth that is so soul-growing and dark-shattering you WILL do nothing, but be still!

Watch as the sun slowly romances your soul back to itself. Open your eyes to all those possibilities in the future and turn your back to your demons.

Your demons bathe in dark.

Your demons throw knives and ice.

They hate the light.

They know that they will be exposed.

Quietly, gently, and soul eyes wide open, come to the light my darlin'. It is beckoning for you to pull that soul curtain back and allow all your scars to shine just like the edges of a diamond. You are made or more than you think.



Step and cut...

Was worth it I promise you!

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