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The Waning

There comes that time in our lives where we slowly loose the light and darkness falls.

The waning... The decreasing... The leaving... The going into hiding...

I stood silent last night and watch as my soul rose, and my soul waned. I think I have finally reached that moment in my life where the last of the real feeling is even becoming numb.

That pinnacle where I am looking at my soul reflecting back, and it is waning. It is growing tired. It is weary. My soul simply just is at this point. There is no vibrancy. There is no passion.

There is no explosive quality anymore.

I am waning to my phase of new "soul". A point where I have pushed so much to keep the darkness from coming yet here it is all the same. That real place where "enshrouded darkness" will be my companion. That place where there is nothing. To the right, to the left, on top, or on the bottom...nothing. Totally closed off and dark.

My soul is needing much solitude of late. There just is NO ONE, truly, earthly capable of helping me. Or...should I say no one really up for the challenge of...


The soul is waning of its giving. It is all poured out with nothing more to pour at this time.

Nothing but pulling is what I have received. Nothing but empty is what society needs to hear from my soul.

Nothing.... Absolutely....nothing....

From the soul of a giver as advice to so many souls of takers...when you do not allow the soul of one that cherishes your soul more then you cherish your own will bleed your only well of hope...dry.

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