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Walk Back In Time

Literally it is right around the corner from you. The streets you walk now are being walked then and tomorrow!

I am a sucker for the things of old. It is such a reflection of what was, and what can be again with a little love and vision. History has so many stories worth remembering and worth living again.

It is alright to relive history sometimes. Not all things history is not worth repeating. The thing I love most of the old is that there was a time when people took their time to care, to create, to live each moment with passion.

Today in a world running crazy with technology that keeps you better "connected," I find that people are so much more less connected with the dirt of life that makes it worth living...relationship.

I have taken days where it is about loving the old and what was, and what it can be again and...just live. Live to see what others loved. Live to see what others created. Live to show that their life was, and is still being witnessed.

We forget that so many people around us and before us have left legacies that they thought were the new, the cutting edge. Our hypocrisy shouts out into the chasm of time, laughing at how old-fashioned people were. Do you realize you foolish cutting-edge of the now person that years from now generations will be shouting into the chasm of time at your achievements as if they were nothing more than a puddle jump!?

I do not want to be the person that runs over what made me on the way to making a better legacy for my son. All these small legacies are the foundation; I am only a piece of that foundation for the next to come.

You must love the old, to live in the now, to understand what will be.

The Old Has Become New

The old. The new. The downtrodden. Cracked sidewalks that give way to old rusted gates. Old rusted gates that give way to creaky old porches.
Heavy wooden doors that open to a world of the old that has so much to give to the new.

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