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When Uncertain Tides Come

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Life has a way of crushing you and rejuvenating you all in one.

In times where there are so many uncertainties I know for sure I can turn to the Word, the heavenly breathed truth, and it brings...peace. God knows, God hears, God decides.

Just because you ask for something that you think might be the right answer does not you will get what you ask for physically, but you will get what your soul yearns for deeply. I want to put my trust in Christ who speaks it, and it is so.

Speak to my soul.

Breath life as was done into dust.

Wash over every crevice in my soul.

I need a holy fire and rain that purges and rejuvenates me.

My earthly accomplishments can never come close to painting this. To painting a knowledge so deep that even it is beyond fathomable to the wisest man. No one can replicate this holy fire.

He says it; it is so. We need to trust that when he says it, that we can move forward not complaining of the past. We need to trust that even though we do not see tomorrow it was already lived. Our infinity confined by our mortality.

I need to feel the constant washing of the waves sometimes dragging me to depths and sometimes beating me up to the sand to learn from the deep and from the desert.

Yes, there are days to stand and fight!

Yes, there are days to kneel and pray!

But, do not cast away the truth, and say it has no business with your life, politics, or moral palette. God Almighty is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Infinity only exists in Him.

Nothing about him is compartmentalized. He is altogether involved in everything at the same time and completely invested; invested to the point of ultimate sacrifice....persecution and death.

You must learn that lesson that is screamed across creation.

You must learn something must die, in order for something to live.

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