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When Walking Infinite Ground...

Command the space you have been given, even if you walk alone.

Highway to Heaven
Highway to Heaven

Sometimes you feel the weight of a decision.

That decision to choose a path that is forging ahead in unknown territory to your immediate relationship connections.

However, remember to walk boldly broken warrior in a life that is uncertain and ever-changing.





So many more that you cannot see, but your soul can feel their presence, have walked this ground in front of you. True infinity transcends time. You were given this moment in order to connect to the infinite in a way no one else can. Command your space with honor. Hold your lantern up so that your light will not be doused.

In this moment of your finite being, your soul has met its infinite purpose. You are here because you were destined to be present in fullness of spirit. Each moment of time needs soul in order to hold the order of space cohesively from one moment to the next.

Do NOT look down in shame.

Do NOT hide by the edge of the light for fear of being noticed. Do NOT remain silent in the storm.

Because HUMILITY can be strong.

Because LIGHT can be purifying.

Because YOUR SOUL is a storm itself to be reckoned with in its infinity.

Truly fulfilled souls do not need validation by humanity's standards. Truly fulfilled souls give to the broken, the shattered, the forgotten of humanity in their singularness. And, that powerful, earth-shattering soul in its singularness, gives back ten-fold in pure command of their space across the chasm of time, to those that will need to command their own space when their time comes to transform from prisoner to warrior.

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