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Wisdom Wednesday

I know, I has been so long since my last post. Wow a full 3 weeks or so!

There has been so much reflection and schedule adjustment for me as I have started in a new frontier.

College, again!


Because I can.

Because I want to know.

Because I want to learn.

Because I want to finish.

I want to get to the end of my BA in Digital Media & Journalism finally. And my lesson, my kernel of truth for today is balance. I am learning a lot about my limitations, and society's expectations of me and where I fall in my opinion on either subject.

First, my limitations are infuriating to me. If I could stay up 24/7 I would. I want to keep running and racing at my infinity. There are times that my mortal body totally angers my immortal soul with its limitations. My soul cries out to be release, but my body screams back patience. There is growth in patience.

Second, society's expectations dishearten me at times. I want to be that person that all social media sites scream out as the "normal" person with it all together. In reality my body is whispering you know darlin' your scars are beautiful to me and in the end that is all that matters...the scars that go in the offering plate at the alter to the one who created you to be just you.

Finally, balance. Balance is something that I try to achieve in the quiet moments.

Still myself to be myself.

Balance is all in how you perceive your infinity in my mind.

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