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Y Not!?

Shoe Attitude
Y Not!?

Burning. On Fire.

Bright and vivid. Crying out I'm here come in. Do you see me? Red, a color that demands attention. A color that is bold.

A color that lives out loud.

Red is a color that screams so much in so many ways. It is a great color, one that brings about the inner most meaning that a person tries to communicate. Red...something that even we bleed out to our final breath.

So Y NOT? red.

Aggressively RED

Red the single most dynamic and passionate color, symbolizes love, rage, and courage. Demanding attention, red has great emotional impact. Those who select red are aggressive, impulsive and strive for success. The desire to experience the fullness of living leads to constant activity.

Life is meant to be totally felt and lived fully. That is why I have always embraced the color red. It is a color that boldly proclaims life right down to the very "life blood" of it!

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