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5 Activities For Summer Time

Updated: Apr 10

Sweet summertime is about getting out and enjoying sunshine right!? Here are 5 great ideas to get out in the northwest corner of Wyoming and enjoy the summer outdoors.


This is an activity that is an amazing workout as well as a detox from screen time. You can connect with nature and enjoy different sites you might not see on your daily drive to and from work in your town's back yard!

Photo courtesy of Wix stock, 2021.

In an hour of hiking the average person can burn up to 400 calories or more when you hike! This makes this activity totally work the mental and physical wellness it provides worth it when the suns out.

Check out this link to see some of the best hiking near Cody, WY!


What is more soothing than creating your own Eden at home? There is something relaxing about creating art with landscaping. In my recent horticulture class, we worked through landscape planning and the types of plants best for your yard's conditions.

Photo courtesy of Wix stock, 2021.

Local nurseries are opening up this time of year with so many different indoor and outdoor options to get your grow on!

My favorite greenhouse, Northern Gardens, is right outside of Cody! Check them out for great ideas and plants for our area.


The best thing about Wyoming is all the public access land for summer activities. Camping is one of those. With so many trailheads and options within 60 miles of the Big Horn Basin, you can take a weekend camping trip with no problem!

Depending on your activity of choice from fishing, to ATV trails, biking, hiking, boating, or relaxing you have lots of options.


What is better than getting outside and really learning a stream or lake by how the fish run? Fishing is a great family or solo activity depending on where you go and what you are fishing for. I know that fishing is something my son loves to do and as he learns the art of it I have found that it is a great way for him to unplug, detox from the screen, and calm his mind.

Photo courtesy of Wix stock, 2021.

Need help outfitting?

Places like Northfork Anglers and Wyoming Trout Guides are here to help you with your fishing excursion.

Discover Yellowstone

One of the hidden gems in the United States is every back trail, waterfall, picnic area and wildlife viewing option there is in Yellowstone! I know it's our back yard here, but that doesn't mean you should say been there, done that. Yellowstone has lots to offer if you access the non-beaten paths to hike in and explore creeks, rivers, and rock formations.

I have to say I never really had stopped in Yellowstone until last year at an unmarked picnic area that gave us access to about an hour hike. For the first time I was stopping, sitting, and seeing Yellowstone through the lens of enjoyment not as a bucket list checklist.

Photo by Frontier Fortitude, 2019.

Areas to check out! Picnicking Hiking Artist Study Camping


Kim Zierlein | 2021 Write the Frontier Blog Spot

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