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To quote one of my favorite movie lines..."Life is just life, Wyatt."


This simple, yet profound truth shared between Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp reverberates throughout my being. There is nothing simple, normal, or wrote about life. We each have a path, and it is unique.  Life is filled with struggles and passions. How you live your life; however, dictates the legacy that you will leave for so many.


I have been led on a journey that through all its turmoil and peace, I hope to leave a lasting legacy that my son, and those I have touched can appreciate. My prayer is that I teach them to commune with the soul inside matter how hard those truths are at times.


I live on a vast "Frontier" in so many ways. It is not a place, but rather the frontier I speak of is an act of living fully in your mortality on the way to your infinity. I know confusing right!?


But the more you read and learn about me, and what I wish to share, the more that statement will make sense to you on a personal level.


I have a passion for finding the beauty in it all...I am not just trying to experience a perfect moment; I am trying to tell of a life well-lived. I pray each day for brokenness, and for a heart that seeks truth. My heart's cry is that you would see less of me and more of Christ...the true Covenant, through my photography, through my soul words, and through my gift of creativity.


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