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To the One that Knows Me

To a mother that not only gave me life but to the one that has shaped that life and soul in the most unfathomable ways.

As the deer...

This is a tribute to the one that had a hand in making me.

This is a tribute to the one that was there all those sleepless nights.

This is a tribute to the one that is more than a mother; she is a kindred soul.

Mother's are just there. Or, they are supposed to be. I know not all of us are blessed with sacrificial mothers. That is one life blessing or curse I know well. Fortunately, even when all my friends fall away on this side of heaven, I have my mother.

She is always there smiling, or crying, or yelling with me. Everyone always says that life does not have a manual. Well if you are fortunate enough to have my mother, life does have a manual. I just wish I would have read it more often.

Do we fight?

My yes!

Do we go silent? Sometimes!

Do we cry together and for each other? Always...

Do we defend each other?

Of course!

That is how life is supposed to be. You should never have to be alone sadly. There is a void that needs filling with "family"; especially maternal family. I have seen so many that have been left motherless, and not in a good way.

It is heartbreaking to see so many people that have no relationship with their mothers because honestly if I didn't have mine I would not be who I am. She has been a craftsman in all ways mind, body, and soul for this fragile human. Yes, I said fragile. I just happen to be coated in a barrier of iron...thanks to, you guessed it, my mother.

She has been one to teach me how to be soft, yet strong; hard, yet kind; and faithful, yet rebellious at times.

So on this day, we celebrate mothers! I know you are not perfect, but you are as close as perfect comes in an imperfect world, mom. You have shown me what it is to be a strong, resilient, independent, feminine, yet equal female in a world in desperate need of transformation.

Feminism is not about equality; it is about individuality.

To the one who is a mother to anyone that comes across her doorstep when

Today is about realizing that life came with an instruction manual and I was blessed enough to have her in my library of life.

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