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Life's Sunsets

Painting the sky with your hopes, fears, and dreams to wash it away for a new dawn.

Sometimes I find that the body is weak but the heart beats consistently strong. It is the one thing that never fails me. It is made of iron and tempered with a will that is a force to be reckoned with.

Does that mean I don't feel? Does that mean I don't hurt? Cry? Love?

Scream uncontrollably sometimes at what life dealt me?


However, when it comes to me, and humanity, and our interaction with each other, and the legacy I leave, I am controlled; trying to leave a legacy that gives back and does not take.

There are times in my life where I feel oddly, disconnected almost like I am my own impartial witness at times. My body is going through the motions but my soul is watching from afar screaming inside itself to change what is happening. And my heart, well my heart just keeps beating and pushing my body through life's muck and mire.

All of this being said, this is how I know that my heart is strong, and passionate, and breakable, but not un-mendable. Things die in life to be reborn again in a better way.

Sunrise comes and you face life ferociously or meekly. Sunset comes and you face death boldly or weakly.

There is no middle ground or fence sitting on this matter. How you face an end dictates truly how you started the journey.

Literally your heart and soul are the barometer for catastrophes or blessings in your life. The edge of the cliff comes whether you want it to our not. You NEVER get a choice in that. Time is not mastered by you, but it is your master that pushes you through your infinity.

Sunsets Bring the Dawn

I don't love casually. When I love, it's fierce. It's my soul ripped wide open and raw. It's my whole heart on display. It's all I have and everything I know, handed over....

I want to be the person that when I reach the cliff I am not clinging, but jumping. Not even free falling. I want to race and rush at life with reckless abandon that opens up my soul and heart to the world because this I know.... The One that is in me, is stronger then the one that is around me.

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