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Serenity Check In

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

We all need a visit from serenity from time to time. I was well overdue.

White Sand Sunrise

For a change I silenced my voice.

I just stood.

I listened.

I closed my eyes.

I closed my mouth.


Listened to creation speak...

Creation washed over me...

The Waves.

The Breeze.

The Birds.

Hard Rocks.

Soft Sand.

All of it speaking together to soothe a soul long overdue to just be still. Stillness is a blessing from time to time. I think as a woman sometimes we forget how important it is to stop giving and producing. We have so many demands on our time that we forget to fill our own well and then we become useless and stagnate to those we need to support.

Being a woman is a dynamic dichotomy to a man. We each have roles that we play. And quiet honestly, I love the emotional web that we have more so than a man. We are givers by nature, and we know how to create deeply from nothing to still give something to so many asking from us.

My boyfriend has stated he knows that women are mystically smarter and stronger in fortitude than men. And I have to say until I checked in with serenity recently, I had not realized strong I was, and yet how tired I had become.

For the first time in a long time…

I had nowhere to be.

I had no one to deliver for.

I had nothing pressing on a schedule.

I was able to just...

Just stop...

Just be...

It was me.

It was creation.

It was peace.

It was silence.

It was a total healing inside that nothing else could soothe.

For a few moments time really did stand still. One wave at a time I was being renewed and the soul was being filled. Ladies you need to remember your soul. You cannot run on empty forever!

Embrace the fact that you can say no.

Revel in the knowledge that you can renew yourself without asking for help.

You are an amazing wonder that in addition to the amazing wonders around us possess your own living well.

Did I just lay my mortal self to the side, and allow my immortal soul to realize that this is forever? There is no end. From the moment I opened my eyes to the moment sitting on a beach, in a new country, with new experiences before me; I was understanding what infinity meant at another deeper level. I was gaining access to that well that gives to so many that it has overlooked itself too long.

There was a total stillness deep down inside that I have not experienced until that very moment. Something that was so still, but not empty. For the first time I felt full. I felt that my cup was running over in all areas of my life.

My family.

My soul.

My love.

My peace.

My career.

My giving.

If you have not taken those moments to feel such deep respect for all that you feel as a woman and all that you do as a woman and all that you endure as a woman; you my soul sister, have truly missed out on an amazing moment that you need.

Moments like these are what your soul and your heart crave.

Being a woman is a hard journey.

Being a woman is unforgiving at times.

Being a woman is being fragile and iron all in one.

Being a woman is giving to creation more so than your counterpart.

Being a woman is a blessing and a curse.

I never knew that I craved this feeling until I felt it.

Thoughts of needing to achieve and climb and strive were washed away with one wave.





Stress gone...

Anger gone...

Rushing gone...

Striving gone...

It was me. It was soul. It was peace.

It was the entirety of being a woman understood at a basic level of the beautiful storm we were created to be.

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