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Thoughts for Thursday

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The midnight oil is alive and well on the Frontier. New beginnings lead to new philosophies, which lead to reformation.

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Many of you know, or many you do not know, but I have started school again.

It is time.

Time to finish what I started.

I truly believe you never just stop a dream rather you just finish it when you are destined too. The time has come that I push forward to who I am meant to be, not who I think I should be.

Recently, I had to complete an assignment that has me thinking heavily about my dependence on technology as a whole. I thought that I was a person who could turn it off and have no problem.


BIG MISTAKE in ever thinking that of myself.


I have found that I am so dependent because I want to know, communicate, and to share. This millennium I have been given a gift of fast communication in receiving and sending it. I am so polluted with the availability that my short abstinence proved to be hard, but very rewarding.

I watched and finally saw society from a different angle like I try to achieve with a lens on my camera. I saw people reaching for phones even though deep in humanly conversation with others. I saw babies not just chewing on phones but running them already at the age of 18 months. They will never know a life without mass media.

Our children will never know silence.

Our children will never know boundaries.

Our children will always try to push to be on the front page.

Our children in all their trying to be something will achieve nothing.


No one.

Not. One. Single. Person. Is. Unique.

But our very being and soul are unique. We are all sacrificing it for the selfie, the button, the game, the first to read about something.

In all of this I realized that the very vehicle that I scream my soul out into the void with has become my master. Those precious 48-hours of total abstinence while surrounded by a world of mass media dependents I learned this…be still and know.

Know the I Am.

Know peace.

Just to know that I know.

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