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Bare Foot Summer Evenings

When those dragging, long, sleepy dog days of summer arrive you feel them creep into your afternoons dragging and racing your life all in one.

Dead Indian Pass in Sunlight Cody, WY 2018
Dead Indian, 2018.

There is a temptation to soak it in and abandon your shoes. Let your feet just sink into soft green fading, as-fast-as-summer-is grass beneath your feet. You feel every blade as it cushions your walk though a back yard garden or through a prairie filled with the last hints of life before it fades out just as it faded in.

There are those times in life where your tomorrow becomes your today because everything is moving so slowly it blends. You get to reverse time with those bare foot moments. You can be a kid again, go running through the cool watered grass and say yes nothing matters but "feeling" life. You have the time and the notion to drink it all in before you miss it.

Those hushed, quiet moments that give you inner peace.

World peace is not necessary if everyone would find the inner void peace giver.

World peace should be an outcome of an inner relationship with the One and only who knows your soul.

The world needs to stop.

Let the outside rush past you so fast that it stands still.

Guard your moments wisely.

You need sanctuary and your feet have the answer.

Your simple in touch with-all-you-come-from answer.

You need only a few moments for reality to set in.

Your reality is not the next deadline.

Your reality is the fact you are dust and so you shall return.

Dust that will soon be gone at the next wind current in life.

You need Him.

He wants you.

He is beckoning for you to feel your roots before you wings take you too far to remember.

Our fall has taken us out of heaven on earth, but heaven is still waiting for you in your tomorrow.

I do believe there are those glimpses in life where you see a sliver of heaven because every soul was built with a void for it.

Soul Talk

You close your eyes and you can't see it, but you can feel it.

You close your eyes and you can't see it, but you can feel it.

There are those tiny moments in your today that scream heaven in your tomorrow.

Are you listening soul?

Are you feeling soul?

Or are you stone?




You can taste your tomorrow on the other side if you just stop...and feel it.

We are harnessed by time, but there is the infinite timeless One.



I am that I am!

That is all.

Feel the total purpose of the I Am and realize that your todays becoming your tomorrows is your body counting the time to your infinite soul.







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