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Burning the Midnight Oil

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Part 2...A Weekly Blog

On nights that your eyes cannot see, allow your soul to feel and burn the midnight oil of listening.

To Listen...what does it mean?

The act of sitting still, being quiet, and giving attention to someone or something else needing heard.

Weekly Reflection

If someone were to look at my heart in a metaphorical sense, you would have to scoop it up into your hands, and watch as the fine dust runs through your fingers. Like an hour glass of sand my heart keeps time in a sense.

It has been beaten.

It has been ground.

It has returned to its true form.

To dust...

I can hear it faintly running, grain by grain running through its course on this journey to where it belongs. I am listening. I am measuring time. I am forcing myself tonight as the midnight oil burns low to hear my infinity within my mortality. As the sand of my mortality runs through my fingers I can hear my body's time clock, but feel my spirit's infinity coming closer.

My soul is gently saying to itself a journey that is all this is; a journey darlin'. Are journey's perfect? No. Do journey's sometimes go wrong? Yes.

Does this make you any less chosen? No.

My salvation is all in the moments of time that I am learning from. Like an hourglass you cannot get the sand back that falls, and you hear as time comes and goes. But, this too shall all fade away into infinity.

What am I garnishing tonight?

Certainty and silence. I am learning to listen more and speak less. I am learning that there are finalities in life that are coming that I have no control over so I best listen to the wisdom that is spoken in hushed whispers to my soul. I would rather run out of time knowing I did not waste it; rather than always hunting for more time because I did not live in it.

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