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Deep Do You Hear Me?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When a soul is heavy and dark just like the storm clouds rapidly chasing you down on the horizon.

As I look out the window holding a cup of fresh brewed coffee on a late afternoon, I realize something profound...I am witnessing my soul's storm in full wonder before the rain hits.

I see clouds, dark and foreboding. The wind lashes out at the tree's branches with a fury. Rain starts by little drops until it is pelting the window pain with uncontrolled fury.

I see in a moment what it is to break, to bend, to unleash a soul's darkness on the world. The wind and rain tear through in front of my eyes just like my souls breath and tears, tear through my heart to cleanse.

Life is experiential.

Life tears at you so you feel it.

Much of everything has to tear and stretch to grow.

Why would your soul be any different?

As I sip slowly on my steaming coffee from a mug that says ironically...darlin', I realize that my soul is unleashing and I am seeing it manifest in the storm lashing out around me on the landscape. My soul in all its infinity, in this finite time is anything BUT a darlin'.

Circumstances have attacked this week.

Words have cut this week.

Actions have uncovered other's true soul to me.

(and it's only Tuesday, I chuckle to myself)

To be able to see the infinite in all the finite is hard for me.

All of what other soul's think is nothing is really so many somethings.

Cleansing is coming and in so many ways.

A tear needs to happen to cleanse stagnate life.

A woman's/man's soul hath no fury like truth tearing through an infinity of lies.

I think this is why storms have never frightened me.

I want to swim where the deep cries out to deep.

I want to know.



So today for my Tuesday thought, it is mostly to myself. In this blog I am writing my soul out on "paper" in order that deep will cry out to deep. I am looking for another soul...






To share so much deep with that we both are racing towards a beautifully broken mosaic of an infinity.

Whispers scream out from within.

Stop. Look. Breathe. See.

The deep I crave for around me, is hidden deep within me.

The soul is raining down today to wash and cleanse again.

It needs to be torn apart in order to find the deepest, darkest corners of it so that my today's deep becomes my tomorrow's shallow.

Darlin' trust me you have found the deep, call to it, and no principality on this earth or below it will stop the soul crying out to the deep!

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