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Knees are Battered

Experiencing total brokenness is very hard. Very dark. Very deep. Very cutting.

Olympic Peninsula Washington, 2015.
Pacific Northwest Mile, 2015.

Brokenness cuts through you to the core and spilling you out everywhere for people to see, to criticize, to rebuke, to ridicule. They literally bath in the blood of their "victory" in front of you and you feel it all at once. When people break you it is the most brutal and ugly act imaginable in humanity. They tear you apart and leave you exposed out for all. When the Creator breaks you it is the most beautiful act of love for humanity. He works at the inner most being that is hidden in your hard rocky knee-battering places so that when you are revealed and exposed to the world they see the result not the action.

I know I am unyielding at times and my unwillingness to yield to the Creator allows for humanity to rip me apart time and again.

Weakness is not something that is liked.

Weakness is hard.

Weakness is humility.

Weakness is is brokenness.

However when I allow my today to become my tomorrow and my soul to flow from weakness to weakness I have never been stronger. Relying on true strength comes when you realize you have none of your own.

I want to be the person that no matter how much humanity tries to batter me to create a horrible tomorrow, I know that my today is my tomorrow in a matter of seconds and in the realm of the infinite life this is nothing more than a prick.

So many times I am scared to break because breaking means revealing, revealing means admitting, admitting means I have to rely on help. Help and I do not bode well at times. I have become hardened by life and it is time to batter my knees and break open the old clay water jay and allow the Maker to kindle a fire and create anew.

My life of late has been lived in the fetal position in order that my outside will become hardened and calloused, but my heart and my mind will be protected. I am so busy looking down at times

that I don't even see the obstacle in front of me.

It is time to look up again. To live full out with an open mind and heart and allow it to be beaten into what it is destined to become. My breaking and molding process is nothing compared to what the Savior endured.

He was modeling a life for us.

He was being broken.

Broken is Christ.

Christ is broken.

We are to be broken for Him.

Think About It

Wash in the blood. Bleed out. Fall open before humanity.

We have to break our knees praying, we have to break our backs working, we have to eat broken bread, be broken, break open as he did for the world to see that it was never force it was brokenness that makes us different.

If you really think about how the Creator model your today is your tomorrow and you are broken out for eternity in a moment living in infamy....your finite mind will be blown away by the infinite soul within you.



Washed in it, bathed in it.

Quite graphic and gruesome really, but blood is the one and only life giving force to humanity so therefore it has to be the only thing

that truly....



penetrates the mortal to make the soul immortal.

You must understand total sacrifice of self to understand where your destiny and walk to immortality.

Batter your knees a bit at humanity's executioners block a bit and you will realize that you are truly battering your knees as a living sacrifice and finding your true brokenness for your Creator.

He made you.

He bought you.

He molds you.

He owns you.

He is in you.

He was you.

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